Frequently Asked Questions:

How far in advance are we booked?

Depending upon the time of year, we can be booked a few days ahead, or six weeks out. It is best to call us at least several weeks ahead of your needs.

What regions do we service?

Most of our service visits are downtown, in the East End or the South Hills of Pittsburgh. However, we have valued customers in all areas of the County.

Do we offer C and A services?

We have been performing Concert and Artist work since 1997. Today, I carry the experience of thousands of performances and recording sessions into every piano I service. Being able to work with the world's best artists has enabled me to develop versatile piano preparation skills.

What forms of payment do we take?

We accept only cash and checks.

Do I tune aurally?

Yes. I do own, and on occasion will use an electronic tuning device, but I always do my best work when tuning by ear.

Do we do piano appraisals?

No. I am not a licensed appraiser nor do we offer any tax services.

We do perform evaluations of the condition of pianos for the purpose of assisting piano sellers/buyers or when quoting restorative work.

What is my piano worth?

Financially, maybe less than you think. It is true that highly maintained, select brand pianos do command impressive payouts. However, the supply of better used pianos easily exceeds the demand. In summary, your piano is worth what someone else is willing to pay for it.
The value of a piano soars far beyond what is measured in dollars and cents. The joy of live music in the home, the disciplines learned from years of focused study, the dexterity of strong hands are quick advantages. In short, the piano nourishes and enriches our minds, body and spirit.

Do piano technicians go to school?

I did. I graduated from the Shenandoah Conservatory of Music in 1990 and became a Registered Piano Technician in 1994.

Then I have been to both Steinway New York and Yamaha in California for focused factory training.Other technicians learned their skills through mentorships or workshops. All the best technicians are still learning.

What is an RPT?

The Piano Technicians Guild is an international organization that examines and registers piano technicians using a variety of competency tests.
A Registered Piano Technician (RPT) has demonstrated their skills by passing all stages of the testing process.
Visit for more information.

What is reconditioning vs. rebuilding?

Reconditioning is a process whereby all components of the piano are evaluated for age and wear related issues. If some existing parts are found to be able to meet specification, they are cleaned, lubricated, returned to the piano and given a thorough regulation. The savings to the customer by avoiding the cost of new parts is thousands of dollars.
Rebuilding is a more comprehensive process. The parts of the piano that can no longer perform are discarded and replaced with new. Depending upon the project, we make both genuine manufacturer and quality aftermarket products available.

Do I play the piano?

Yes. I love the sound of a piano, and I have studied a variety of styles through the years.